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Mark 16:15



We at OCM have plans already set for a children home for orphans, streets kids, abandoned children and many that are homeless.  This is called the
Lake Elementaita Children Home.

Plans have been draw for the 11 acre campus.  In the campus it will contain of several buildings.

Housing the children, staff, a clinic, a vocational school center, and establishment of a farm to help the home be self sustaining.

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Lake Elementaita Children Home

Aerial View

The Chapel

The chapel will serve the campus as a place of worship and where children will be raised in the ways of the Lord.  Future plans may include allowing an extended place of worship on Lordís Day for the nearby communities.  The facility will have a seating capacity of 300.  Estimated costs for this facility will be around $55,000. You can assist by donating on line or by sending a gift through mail.

Administration Building

This will be the serve as administrative official facility for our entire home.  It will not only house the manager, and business administrator offices, but will have liaison office of social worker and office of adoption service.  OCM will endeavor to educate the nation at large the ministry of adoption and fostering at the same time.  As annex to the same building will be our baby wing facility which will house the babies from age zero up six old.  The administrative and baby wing estimated cost will be around $45,000.

Vocational Building

In order to address the needs of old children coming to the home be it boys or girls; we have plans to teach these kids important vocational courses which in turn will help them when we return them to the society.  Plans includes and not limited to vocations such as tailoring, carpentry, masonry, typing, computers, wielding and other courses that the ministry will be able to offer.  If room will permit even children from outside the campus community will be welcome to learn skills in our vocational school.  Total estimated cost will be $135,000.  In additional to teaching them vocational courses we will share the love and the message of the cross which will change their lives forever.

Dining Hall

The plans for the dinning hall which will be not only be used as dinning hall but will be used as multi purposes building when needs a raises.  It will have a seating capacity of three hundred.  Adjust to it will be the campus kitchen. Total Estimated cost $135,000. You can give and your gift here can help we feed a child.

Junior Family House
(The Dorms)

Since the home will house boys and girls we will establish two main dorms for both sexes.  Each dorm is slated to house at 125 children at full capacity.  In the dorm there will two bedroom self contained houses for the in house counselors who will be assigned to the children.  The structure is designed in a way that we will raise children who are responsible it taking care of their living quarters.  Estimated cost for both dorms will be around $330,000.  We are blessed to have roof over our heads and would it be a great blessing to assist a child to get out of the street because of your gift.

Recreational Facility

The facility will be used to meet the needs of our campus community only but the children of the nearby communities will be welcomed to use the facility.  This can be a great tool in reaching out our neighbor hood for Christ.  Total estimated cost $180,000.  With these many children living in the same quarters year after year it will be just be very loving to have such a facility for them, to help keep them active and healthy, send a love gift today or just donate on line.

The Dispensary

In order to meet the needs of the campus children, physically, we will have on campus clinic.  Since we will have many children housed here we believe it will of the best interest of our children to have on campus medical clinic.  The clinic will not only assist the campus children but it will eventually minister needs to the surrounding community as well.  Through this ministry we will also be able to reach out for souls.  Estimated total cost $45,000.

The Manager Quarters

Staff Quarters

In order to assure that the children are well ministered to the Manager and his supporting staff will live on campus.  This will ensure the safe guarding and good welfare of the children.  The ministry will provide good decent housing for the staff. Estimated total cost for the staff quarters will run around $140,000.  Good to have loving believers looking and raising kids.  Help this project.

Guest Quarters

OCM expects volunteers to come and assist in mentoring children on short terms basis, and to assist with their accommodations in order to eliminate extra burden and expenses we will construct a guest house which will house volunteers on long and short term basis.

The quarters will be fully equipped and will be able to host families and small team.  Total cost for this facility will be around $45,000.  This will eventually save the ministry lots of expenses in the long run.  Come, share, minister and live where these children are.  You will never be same.  That is why we need the guest house.  To have real on hand experiences.

Support Staff

The Campus Farm

We plan to develop and farm where the home with the help of staff and children we will be able to raise our crops such as vegetables.  Potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, chicken, cows for milk.  This will help offset food expenses.  Since the ultimate goal is to have a home that is self - sustaining $25,000.  With good Kenyan tropical weather we can raise lots foods to help with food budget.
Give so we can quickly develop the farm.

Water Well

The Water Well project is now complete.

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